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What We Do


We offer the following value-added services when you make your investments through us!

1. We ensure that you and your family is always protected through adequate life insurance and adequate health insurance for all.We will help you choose the best plan, complete the formalities, and ensure that you pay the premium due on time every time.

2. We will help you identify your life's financial goals, and help you set a monetary value for the same considering the time frame and inflation.

3. We will help you put in place a multi-Asset investment programme to enable you reach your financial goals. In the process you get adequate exposure to Corporate Deposits, Government schemes, Insurance plans, Bonds, Stocks and shares, Equity and Debt mutual funds.

4. Once the investment programme is put in place with your concurrence - we

  • Enable periodic review of the same.

  • Enable you have online review of your portfolio of all your investments, with access to our online portal.

  • Provide you with Annual report of your portfolio both in hard copy and soft copy form.

  • Suggest changes required, if any, so that the investment journey is productive.

  • Provide you with all data in the prescribed format for your income tax filings.

  • Ensure that your correct address and contact details is enabled in all investments.

  • You can visit our website at, and analyse all the mutual fund schemes in the market including the ones you have invested on various parameters, and make sure you have invested in the best.

  • Enable you to see all your investments ( even those made through channels other than us) at one place in our portal. You, then, get an instant idea of your NETWORTH!

  • Ensure that redemptions/maturity proceeds of your investments reach you in time. We take care of all the relevant paperwork.

5. We regularly update you with all news in the world of investments and money management.

6. In case of unfortunate demise of an investor, we will assist with all the formalities so that the investments are transferred to the name of the Joint Investor/Nominees.

7. We will regularly highlight the need for a WILL and help you put in place one, so that the assets reach the correct person after your lifetime.

8. Through our tie-up with professional Chartered Accountants, we help you file your income tax returns on time.

9. WE help you save on capital gains tax on sale of property by enabling investments into Capital Gains Bonds floated by the government.

10. In short, we propose to be a ONE STOP SHOP for all your Money Management needs.