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About Us

Shilpa Associates was formed almost at the same time the Mutual fund industry was taking baby steps in the year 1999. It was the time when the first Private sector mutual fund started functioning. In the last 25 years, the journey has been one of learning, assimilating, and sharing the wealth management techniques with our patrons, friends, and others.

Shilpa Associates is promoted by Mr T R Somasundar, a qualified Management Accountant from ICMA, Kolkata. He is also a Fellow Member of the Insurance Institute of India. He has vast experience in investment advisory, financial planning, and timely review of investment portfolios.

Shilpa Associates, today, manages over 160 crores of Mutual Fund Assets spread over 200 patrons and their families. Most of the investors have stayed with us for more than 15 years just now. We have mutually grown from Money Management to Relationship Management, having come very close to our patrons and their family members. The next generation members of our Investors continue to patronise our style of services.

We look at money management with a holistic view. We aim to grow the money rather than making money from nowhere. We chase good returns, and not necessarily the Best returns.

Our client engagement begins with ensuring protection of the Family's status through adequate Life Insurance for all relevant members of the family. We insist on a few crores of Term Assurance cover to important members of the family. Medical expenses can cause a big hole in one's wealth. Hence, we seriously promote adequate Health Insurance for the whole family.

We enumerate the financial goals for the family , and set a monetary value for each goal, time and inflation adjusted. Considering the current portfolio of the family, we arrive at the required amount of investment for each goal taking into account their comfort levels and risk bearing capacity.

Once this is done, we help them implement the investment programme, review it periodically doing course corrections where required. In short, we hand hold the entire family in their journey of money management.

In this long journey of handling money they get adequate exposure to Fixed Deposits and Bonds, Insurance schemes, ULIPs, Mutual Funds, Stocks and Shares and every upcoming new avenues.

We learn together. We prosper together.!

Mr Girish Narayan has been with Shilpa Associates for the last 17 years now. He takes care of the Operations and client management. A science graduate, he is well versed with all aspects of money and investment management. He has cleared all relevant exams suggested by SEBI and NSE.

Known for his friendly nature and helpful attitude, he is a pillar of strength for Shilpa Associates.

Mr Girish Narayan

Shilpa Associates